Program ADI


When designing installations, the engineers may invest many hours in costly revisions of the drawings, the equipment arrangements, and selection of the ideal type of expansion joint. They may end up searching for information in obsolete catalogs, or pursuing unsuccessful contacts with equipment distributors, etc.

All of this effort can be eliminated, saving innumerable engineering hours, if the contributions of an expert in these products and designs are available. BIKAR has a highly knowledgeable team of technicians available to provide support for our customers.

Advantages for the customer:

Ensure that the installation’s design is correct and that a specialist has collaborated on it.

Reduce engineering hours caused by design flaws, errors in judgment, or lack of knowledge.

Program SIM


Expansion joints are the final element to be installed in a system, and they must therefore absorb all of the deviations caused by assembly, by the construction work, etc

Supervision of the assembly process for the pieces, carried out by personnel with expert knowledge, or inspection prior to their entry into service, can ensure that costs caused by unexpected stoppage due to breakage of supports, elements, etc. can be avoided.

With this program, personnel from BIKAR visit the installations, checking the assembly and condition of the elements (measuring inclinations and flange rotation, performing tests, etc.), then comparing this data against the maximum recommended values and the values as offered and/or designed.

Afterwards, a report is issued with company’s recommendations, as well as an estimate of any costs involved, if applicable.

Advantages for the customer:

Receive a report that guarantees that the assembly is correct, or which provides the information necessary for correcting any defects encountered if it is not.

Guarantee that the installation of the equipment is correct. Decrease uncertainties associated with plant start-up.

Benefit from the opinion of an outside party.

Program GII


This program is targeted towards maintenance departments at medium-to-large companies that want to reduce their costs related to undesired stoppages, and that want to prepare preventative maintenance budgets and plans.

It is also for companies that perform plant maintenance for third parties, and who want to subcontract highly qualified and specialized personnel in order to provide their customers with the best service.

With this program, the technical personnel from BIKAR travel to the installation to be analyzed. On this first visit, information used to plan a second visit will be collected. On the second visit, measurements will be taken on the expansion joints, in order to determine the condition of each one.

Once the on-site visit has taken place, our technical personnel prepare an exhaustive report where the priorities for replacements are established, and with an estimate of the time investment required.

This report is sent to the customer for evaluation, and serves as a guide for the production of a Preventative Maintenance Plan that includes the key factors: when and how much.

Advantages for the customer:

Knowledge with sufficient advance notice of the costs/investments involved at the next stoppage points.

Specialist consultation.

Receive a written report to submit to the departments responsible for investment.


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