BIKAR manufactures components, assemblies and equipment for the fluid handling and airtight joint industries.



We develop and manufacture our own products based upon specific needs, taking into account critical factors involving temperature, pressure, and movement. In addition to our consultation and participation in each project’s study, we offer a variety of solutions where quality will always stand out as our strongest mark of identity.


We offer a wide range of special products for different requirements and levels of performance.

Dismantling joints / High-temperature airtight joints / Insitustop

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More profitable, durable and effective systems

Within the typical life cycle of an installation, the expansion joint manufacturers supply teams during the assembly, maintenance, and replacement phases (black marks on the figure). The broad range of experience and knowledge possessed by BIKAR’s personnel allows them to provide support for customers in the most critical phases of an installation’s life cycle (blue marks). This allows the installations to be more profitable, durable, and efficient, while also eliminating unnecessary costs.



Desalination plants
Intermediary pumping

BIKAR has had a presence in the world of water for more than 20 years, using its knowledge to improve desalination plants and potable water pumping facilities.


Nuclear plants
Combined cycle plants
Thermosolar plants

The energy sector is one of the most demanding when it comes to quality of materials and control of the manufacturing process. BIKAR has a presence in nuclear power plants as well as in combined cycle power plants.



BIKAR responds to the all of the demands of this market with its expansion joints manufactured using special materials, for demanding environments: corrosive, extreme, explosive, high pressure (more than 50 bar – 725 psi), high-temperature (up to 1200 ºC -2200 ºF), and for any other required specifications.


Cement plants
Paper mills

BIKAR provides its experience and support to companies for their engineering, technical, maintenance, and production departments, in order to improve their results.


Ventilation/capture of gases/fumes
Water pumps

Equipment manufacturers typically incorporate expansion joints as accessories to their products. Collaboration with BIKAR allows manufacturers to make the market’s best materials available, improving their image in the sector while also providing their installations with maximum reliability.


Notably reducing facility design times.
Providing knowledge on optimizing the choice of expansion joint types to best fit the needs of the facility.
Increase the efficiency of installations

BIKAR collaborates with large engineering firms around the world. In addition to supplying them with reliable, top- quality products, we also have knowledge of the entire life cycle of all of the existing types of expansion joints.


Chemical industry

The highly corrosive processes and harsh demands of this type of industry require knowledge of high value-added materials and proven high-pressure and high-temperature designs.


Materials washing
Materials processing
Materials transport

The mining industry always requires the highest quality solutions. The processes are extremely demanding, and materials specifications must ensure chemical resistance to the fluids used in the washing process, and resistance to abrasion from moving solids.



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Bikar is awarded two large projects for the design and supply of expansion joints for two of the largest desalination plants in the Middle East. We are proud to announce…